Coaches Wife-Prioritizing Quality Time During Football Season

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Fall, the magical season when the leaves transform into vibrant colors and the air becomes brisk, signifies the start of college football. It’s an exciting time that captures the hearts of not only the die-hard fans but also those who casually observe the sport. It becomes a passion that intricately threads itself into the fabric of our daily existence, especially for the coaches wife, who is navigating the challenges and joys of the season. From late August until the depths of winter, the anticipation grows with each game, leading to the exhilarating championships held in December and January. Football isn’t just about the game itself; it manages to weave itself into every corner of our lives, becoming an integral part of who we are. For those who are charmed by its appeal, football isn’t something to be avoided but something to embrace.

Carly Anne Schmitt Coaches Wife
Carly Anne Schmitt Coaches Wife

Challenges as a Football Family

One of the challenges that a coaches wife faces during this season is the time we have as a family. As the days shorten, our schedules become increasingly packed, making it difficult to carve out precious moments with our loved ones. Striking a balance between spending time together as a couple and family activities can feel like an uphill battle. While attending games and cheering from the sidelines is undeniably important, it’s equally crucial to prioritize intimate moments and create meaningful experiences, not just for the two of you but also for your children. In an effort to simplify the chaos, navigating these various forms of togetherness demands careful planning and a determined effort to maintain healthy relationships. It’s not just about being physically present; it’s about finding opportunities for genuine connection and nurturing emotional bonds that will sustain and enrich your relationships throughout this busy time of year.

Carly Anne Schmitt Coaches Wife
Carly Anne Schmitt Coaches Wife

Maintaining Communication

In terms of maintaining communication between my husband and me, we employ a few different approaches. Throughout the day, as a coaches wife and coach, we ensure a steady flow of short text messages to check in with each other and stay connected. It’s truly remarkable how my husband excels in this aspect, demonstrating his commitment to our relationship. He consistently finds a moment in his busy schedule to reach out, whether it’s to ask about my day or share updates from our child’s daycare. This simple act of checking in not only strengthens our bond but also allows us to share important events or happenings from the morning. In essence, our approach to communication provides us with invaluable moments of connection throughout the day.

Intentional Engagement

Another strategy we’ve adopted to enhance our connection upon arriving home is making a conscious effort to sit down and engage in meaningful conversations, even if it’s just for a few precious moments. Resisting the temptation of getting absorbed by technology remains a constant challenge. We’re all too familiar with the allure of mindlessly scrolling through our devices, finding comfort in the digital world. Nevertheless, we’ve made significant strides recently in curbing this habit. Instead, as a coaches wife and coach, we prioritize intimate conversations, whether it’s during the evenings or right before bedtime. These discussions serve multiple purposes, from sharing important updates about tasks that require attention or recounting events that took place during the day, to laying the foundation for more profound discussions that we plan to have when we have more leisurely time later in the week.

Scheduling Time Together

We’ve also become more intentional about scheduling dinners or dates for those evenings when we know there’s a bit more time to spare. Setting aside one night a week when we anticipate having some extra evening hours allows us to prioritize our relationship. Depending on how the week is going, we might venture out for a late dinner together, savoring each bite and relishing uninterrupted conversation. These special outings, even if they occur infrequently, offer us a brief escape from the demanding schedule that often engulfs us. Putting in the effort to dress up and meet each other out brings a refreshing change and a sense of rejuvenation to our lives. It offers us the chance to take a deep breath, release the stress, and enjoy some much-needed quality time together.

Coaches Wife and Game Day

Additionally, we seize every opportunity to participate in game day traditions or engage in interactions at the program. One of the program’s highlights is a special pre-game walk, where we take the chance to wave at dad and receive a loving kiss or hug before he heads off to do his important work. Equally cherished are the moments spent after the game, eagerly waiting to give him a heartfelt hug after his long day. These seemingly small gestures and exchanges may appear insignificant to some, but the truth is, they create priceless memories that we will treasure forever as a couple. Not only that, but your children will hold onto these moments as well, filled with immense pride and admiration for their father.

Seeing the Bigger Picture as a Coaches Wife

If your football program allows, we’re excited to watch practice and join team events. This unique experience lets us fully immerse ourselves in the team’s environment, emphasizing our commitment. It’s a chance to show our enthusiasm, witness our coach’s journey, and let our son spend time with his father. This also highlights our unwavering unity and support for the team.

Carly Anne Schmitt Coaches Wife
Carly Anne Schmitt Coaches Wife

Coaches Wife: It’s all worth it!

These moments may seem fleeting, but they hold immense value, creating a tapestry of memories. Being present is key, as it allows us to be part of something bigger, witness coaches molding lives, and play a role in this process. Although the comfort of home may beckon, embracing these experiences during the demanding fall season fills our hearts and stays etched in our memories. Let’s promise to be intentional and present this fall as coaches’ wives, and as this season moves quickly, soon it will be the end of another football season.

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