Designing My Own Highchair Garland for My Son’s 1st Birthday

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Birthday Fun!

First birthdays are undoubtedly exceptional and carry a profound significance, representing the culmination of what seems like the speediest year in your little one’s existence and an incredible milestone for parents. As first-time parents, this anniversary serves as a gentle reminder of our remarkable journey, maneuvering through the rollercoaster of challenges that the first year may have presented. In the spirit of celebrating this special day, we are crafting a unique highchair garland, intertwining memories and moments that have defined our child’s first year. And though it fills our hearts with bittersweet emotions, with an overwhelming wave of happiness mingling with a hint of melancholy, we yearn for time to slow down, cherishing every fleeting moment as our precious child gracefully grows before our eyes.

1st Birthday highchair garland

Tying in Our Football Life

For our son’s first birthday, and with us being a football family, we opted for a tailgate birthday party. It. Was. Fun. Stressful, but fun. With our son’s birthday being in the fall and on a home game we felt there was no choice but to embrace football with both arms for our son and make it a part of his birthday celebration. In a sense it made the party feel more natural, as everyone is already gathered together, why not throw in a cake and some candles too!?

More on our Football Life here

Planning Ahead

Outside of the coordination and prep it took to set up and host the party, one thing that I am most proud of is creating my son’s highchair garland on my own. Not only did I want to save money, but I also wanted to add a personalized touch to his special day. After browsing through examples on Etsy and Pinterest, I decided to see if I could replicate what I saw. It was a labor of love, and the result was even more adorable than I had imagined. As I hung up the highchair garland on my son’s highchair, a wave of fulfillment washed over me. I had not only created something tangible, but I had also created memories that would be cherished for years to come. And the best part? It didn’t break the bank.

Step 1: Head to your nearest Hobby Lobby or Joann’s Fabrics:

Find the theme you want and pick out your supplies and fabric. I didn’t just want to do footballs or green, so I chose some accent colors and also some assorted green colors. I also threw in different-sized width bands of fabric but alternating with different colored ribbons. My main colors were brown, green, and yellow. But I had different shades/patterns of green, I had some yellows with patterns, and I also included some white ribbon with little footballs on it, as well as gold, blue, and green. The variety of shades, patterns, and widths is what gave it its depth. One tip is that you really don’t need a full yard of fabric. You need at most a half of a yard. Same with the yarn. Less is more, because all your fabric really needs to cover is the front of your highchair and part of the sides.

Check out these two places for some great fabric options!

Hobby Lobby


Support For Your Highchair Garland

For what held the garland together, I opted to use a soft and versatile neutral color yarn. This choice proved to be ideal as I began the process of tying the fabric to my yarn. The yarn’s flexibility allowed me to create tight knots while still allowing the freedom to slide the fabric or ribbon up and down the length of the yarn, whether it be spreading out the fabric for an airy appearance or artfully clumping it together for a more textured look.

For your supplies, in addition to the mentioned items such as a hot glue gun, fishing line, scissors, and the centerpiece for your garland, it’s important to think about personalization and creativity. Having the freedom to choose whatever item you desire as the center of your garland allows you to truly make it your own. In my case, I opted for a charming wooden football that I found at Hobby Lobby. Not only was it already painted, but it added a touch of rustic elegance to the overall aesthetic. I also decided to include a wooden “1” that perfectly complemented the size of the football. With a dab of hot glue, I securely attached the “1” to the center, completing the unique centerpiece of my garland.Play

Step 2: Prep your workspace.

For my measurements, I did mostly spotting by eye and what felt and looked right. Ultimately, I decided to opt for approximately a foot of fabric, as this provided ample coverage to conceal his little feet and legs while he enjoyed his meals in the highchair. Additionally, when it came to selecting the appropriate length of yarn, I made sure to take into consideration the dimensions of the highchair. It was imperative that the yarn was long enough to wrap around the entire highchair securely and still leave enough space for me to tie it securely in place. By giving careful consideration to both the fabric and yarn lengths, I was able to create a highchair garland cover that looked aesthetically pleasing.

Measuring It All

Next, I carefully measured and cut approximately 20 equally-sized pieces from each fabric, ensuring they were each a foot long and 1 inch in width. This process resulted in a total of 80 imperfectly cut fabric pieces. For the delicate ribbon embellishments, I cut 18 long strips, each measuring a foot in length. It is worth noting that these ribbons were a quarter-of-an-inch in thickness, making them pretty skinny compared to my fabric.Play

Step 3: Putting your Highchair Garland together

Next was the longest part of the process which was tying my fabric and ribbon to the yarn. First, tied a big knot at the end of my yarn to help me find the end I easier. There was a pattern that I followed but still made my garland not look too put together. I started off with 3 gold ribbons, 2 green fabrics with stripes, 3 blue ribbons, 2 yellow pieces of fabric, 3 green ribbons, 2 football fabric, 3 football ribbons, and 3 dark green fabrics. I followed this pattern until I used all of the fabric and ribbon that I had cut. Once I completed this step I moved on to attaching my centerpiece.

Stringing It Together

Once I had skillfully secured my ribbon and fabric to the yarn, I glided the ribbon and fabric up and down the length of the yarn, ensuring there was no overcrowding or unsightly gaps. Seeking to maintain a cohesive aesthetic, I strategically marked three ideal spots along the garland’s midpoint, meticulously measuring their distance to match the length of my captivating football centerpiece. I carefully created a petite gap, just wide enough to accommodate a delicate stream of hot glue. Using my hot glue gun, I positioned the yarn firmly against the smoothly polished wooden football, holding it in place until the glue dried.

Step 4: Party!

The last and most important step in setting up my garland around the highchair was to carefully secure it with a fishing line. To ensure stability and coverage, I decided to use two longer strings that could encompass the top of the table on the highchair, positioned on opposite sides of the wooden football. Additionally, I added two more shorter pieces on the sides of the highchair for extra support. To fully secure the highchair garland, I tightly tied the back of my yarn around the highchair, ensuring it would stay in place throughout the celebration. For added peace of mind, I also used some trusty scotch tape to gently tape down the fishing line, providing an extra layer of reinforcement and preventing any unwanted movement.


This garland was so incredibly fun and seriously so easy to make, allowing me to unleash my creativity in just a matter of hours. All in all, it took me about 2 hours, simply a drop in the bucket of time, yet the end result was absolutely delightful. Not only was this DIY project a breeze, but it was also extremely cost-effective, requiring only a few inexpensive materials to put together. I genuinely hope that by sharing this step-by-step guide, I can empower you with the confidence to embark on your own garland-making adventure, allowing you to tailor it to be truly special and unique for anyone fortunate enough to receive it.

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