Football Offseason- How to Reset as a Family

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Football season is a significant part of our lives. We eagerly anticipate these precious 6 months throughout the year, and when it finally arrives, it seems to pass by in the blink of an eye. Each season, without exception, is a thrilling journey for our family. We revel in the intensity of practices and games and cherish the camaraderie that blossoms along the way. The season is a time filled with excitement and passion. However, when it concludes, we, as a football coach’s family, often find ourselves in need of a reset, especially during the football offseason. The football season technically spans only six months, but the responsibility, time, and effort involved in preparation extend far beyond the game itself. As a family, we must carefully plan for the season and maintain balance, considering the time constraints and responsibilities that each of us carries.

Carly Anne Schmitt Coaches Wife

Celebrating Achievements and Reflecting on the Season

One of the first steps in this process is celebrating the team’s achievements and reflecting on the season as a family. During this time, we look back at the past season, connecting not only on victories and losses but also pondering how we could have improved as a family. These discussions often revolve around questions like: Did we attend enough games, or perhaps too many? Were the logistics of getting to the games stressful, and how can we make it less so? Did we have regular date nights as a couple, and did we ensure enough quality time with our son? These questions arise in our conversations, not always in a single sitting, but we note important points for the next season. 

Reconnecting During the Offseason

During football season, our family faces separation as our coach dedicates hours to practices and games. The offseason becomes our time to reconnect. Following the season’s end, we prioritize bonding with our coach. Date nights and family plans take shape, envisioning vacations and sports events. Yet, our plans remain flexible, considering ongoing responsibilities like recruiting and camps. We value quality family time—be it spontaneous getaways, heartfelt dinners, or cozy movie nights. These moments craft precious family memories, fewer during the season, emphasizing adaptability and support in our family life. While unforeseen priorities might arise, these instances serve as reminders to cherish and nurture our family connections beyond the football demands, fostering a strong, adaptable family bond.

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Self-care for both Coach and Coach’s Wife

During the football season, both my husband and I carry substantial responsibilities that demand our attention. The coaching profession is demanding, with each season resembling a pressure cooker where every move, play, and game carries intense scrutiny in the football world. As the coach’s wife, I wear multiple hats, juggling roles as a mom, cook, accountant, housekeeper, and lawn maintenance expert. The responsibilities are abundant on both fronts, so we both make an effort to carve out personal time for ourselves during the football offseason. Our self-care routines can take various forms, from chiropractor or massage appointments to maybe indulging in a facial. Sometimes, it’s as simple as having a few hours to ourselves or going for long walks, allowing us a moment of tranquility and reflection. It’s all about finding the right balance and ensuring we take care of ourselves in our unique roles.

Supporting Each Other

As a coach’s family, supporting our coach and each other is crucial. We prioritize needs, visit a counselor yearly to strengthen our marriage and family bond. This ritual helps us grow and remain intentional year-round. It may seem like an odd, yearly ritual but the purpose of the visit is for a few reasons: 1. It’s important to get things off our chests that are bothering us that we may just need help explained by a third party. 2. It airs out anything we aren’t aware of or hasn’t been brought up and that needs to be addressed before it gets too far gone. 3. It’s a great reminder and a great time for reflection on the fact that our marriage comes first and is the foundation that helps us get through each season as a married couple. 

Carly Anne Schmitt Coaches Wife

Quality time with each other is so important in this coaching lifestyle. Check out my blog here on ways to facilitate quality time during the season here.

Football Offseason

Football season is a significant part of our family’s life, filled with excitement, passion, and a fair share of responsibilities. When the season concludes, we go through a process of resetting, celebrate our achievements, reconnect as a family, and take care of ourselves. One of our key priorities is supporting each other, both within our family and our marriage. While we may not have everything figured out, we give it our best effort, and that’s what helps us make it all work in the end.

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