Hi, I’m Carly!

Thank you for visiting my page! I’m Carly Anne Schmitt, and your presence is truly appreciated. Let me offer you a more personal view of what drives my passion. I’m not fixated on perfection; my focus is on the journey of growth and progress. Life is an ongoing evolution, and I cherish the pursuit of excellence. It’s the small steps, the lessons learned, and the experiences gathered that truly matter. My interests encompass a wide spectrum, all linked by a love for simplicity. There’s deep satisfaction in embracing the uncluttered, the essential, and the meaningful in life. It’s about finding beauty in everyday moments, relishing small joys, and recognizing that profound experiences often lie in the simplest of things. Your presence here means the world to me, and I want to express my heartfelt gratitude.

What My Page is About

Self-reliance is another principle close to my heart. The ability to stand on one’s own feet, to be self-sufficient and independent, is a quality I admire and strive to cultivate. It’s about taking charge of your path, being resourceful, and having the confidence to navigate life’s twists and turns. But perhaps, what brings me the greatest joy is creating a nurturing and wholesome atmosphere for the people I cherish. It’s in those moments when I can provide comfort, support, and love to my family and friends that I feel truly fulfilled. Whether it’s a homemade meal, a warm and inviting home, or just being there when they need me, fostering this sense of well-being and togetherness is what warms my heart.

If you know anything about me, it is not just in embracing these principles myself but in sharing them with those dearest to me. It’s in seeing the people I care about finding their joy in holistic living, simplifying chaos, and inspiring achievement, to create a nurturing environment for themselves and their loved ones.

My Family

Football Life

Within the tapestry of our family’s journey, you’ll discover a collection of exhilarating moments, each a thread woven into our story. At its heart is the unwavering dedication of my husband, a college football coach, whose passion lies in nurturing and shaping young talents on the field. Our lives are further enriched by the presence of our young son, who is undoubtedly the vivacious source of our joy and boundless wonder. As we journey through the seasons of life, we find ourselves in a state of perpetual motion, carried along by the unpredictable rhythms of existence. Our life, akin to a raucous symphony, is not without chaotic moments and unexpected twists. Nonetheless, we remain steadfast in our pursuit of a life brimming with laughter, joy, and shared experiences.

Holistic Living

Our family is dedicated to living a sustainable and well-rounded life, guiding our choices in various ways. We focus on healthy eating, preferring fresh and mindful cooking. This not only benefits our bodies but also reflects our care for the environment and support for ethical food practices. Our commitment extends beyond food to daily life, where we strive for a more balanced coexistence with nature. We reduce waste and conserve energy, weaving sustainability into our routines. Additionally, we prioritize overall well-being. We aim for physical health, emotional balance, and mental wellness through practices like mindfulness and self-awareness. Our dedication empowers us to adapt to life’s changes while staying true to our chosen lifestyle. However, we recognize the ever-changing world and consider our ability to adapt a testament to our resilience and steadfast commitment to a holistic and sustainable way of living.

Simplifying Chaos

In our pursuit of a balanced and wholesome lifestyle, we fully engage in the joy of living. Each day offers a chance to savor every moment, create enduring memories, and strengthen our unbreakable family bonds. Through life’s ups and downs, twists and turns, we are united by a common goal: to make the most of this beautiful journey called life. This journey is our masterpiece, where the orchestra of chaos and unpredictability transforms into a heartwarming melody resonating with love, laughter, and togetherness.

Inspiring Achievement

On my page, I am dedicated to providing you with valuable insights and guidance on embracing the homesteading lifestyle, even without a physical homestead. Through my content, I aim to help you make more holistic choices, effectively navigate the joys and challenges of motherhood and wifehood, create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere in your home, and successfully manage the multitude of tasks that come with juggling various responsibilities. Although our discussions encompass a wide range of topics, I truly desire you to depart with a newfound sense of confidence, inspiring you to fearlessly acquire new knowledge and believe in your capabilities. Together, we can conquer any endeavor that comes our way.

Thank you for coming to visit my website, and learn a little more about me! I hope you enjoy learning with me!

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